20 Paper Bag Puppets with Free Printable Templates (2023)

Learn how to make a paper bag puppet with these 20 easy paper bag puppets ideas with free printabletemplates in PDF. Paper bag puppets are a great way to get creative with your kids! They are fun and easy to make with our list of free paper bag puppet templates. With paper bag puppets, you can create any type of character imaginable, from animals to monsters, superheroes to pirates! Just choose a paper bag, some construction paper, and the free printable paper bag puppet templates below. Before you know it, your paper bag puppet is ready for an amazing show!

Brown paper bags are one of the most versatile craft supplies. There are so many fun DIY paper bag puppets that you can make on a dull afternoon. Make your kids happy with these fun crafts when getting bored. These paper bag puppets are totally adorable, and kids will love making fun paper bag puppets with them and bringing their dreams to life.

20 Paper Bag Puppets with Free Printable Templates (1)

Easy Paper Bag Puppets With Free Printable Templates

From naughty and cheerful minions to all kinds of zoo animals, insects, owls, and mermaids we have got plenty of DIY paper bag puppet ideas for your kids to have a fun oozing afternoon. Playing with these paper bag puppet ideas will make your kids more creative, enhance their attention to detail and improve their motor skills. Creativity is the biggest gift anyone could have, and these DIY paper bag puppets are all filled with fun details.

DIY projects are also one best way to get your kids out of the addictive digital world and bring them something really productive and completely harmless. We can assure after exploring our amazing paper bag puppets, your kids are going to love these play bags absolutely!

1. How to Make Paper Bag Puppets

20 Paper Bag Puppets with Free Printable Templates (2)

One of the best play games of all times is a classy his and her DIY paper bag puppet. All you are going to throw in for this creative roller coaster is a lunch paper bag, some yarn, googly eyes, cardboard, etc., Get full details in the tutorial. kidsactivities

2. DIY Paper Bag Monster Puppets

20 Paper Bag Puppets with Free Printable Templates (3)

Have a fun Halloween afternoon with your family! With these funky paper bag monsters. Some real drama added to a fun family time in holidays. Just a few supplies like a paper lunch bag, acrylic paint, color cardstocks, and a few other things will do the magic. iheartcraftythings

3. Paper Bag Owl Puppet for Imaginative Play

20 Paper Bag Puppets with Free Printable Templates (4)

Let’s just face it, even when we were all kids. We have all been fascinated with owls. Especially after seeing the snowy Hedwig owl in Harry Potter. This tutorial can elaborate on how to make cute, imaginative owls. Psst! It comes with a free printable template. artsymomma

4. DIY Crocodile Paper Bag Puppets

20 Paper Bag Puppets with Free Printable Templates (5)

Only if crocodiles looked this funny and cute in real life too! Hah! But still, it’s a perfect way to get your kids familiarized with animals. These fun crocodiles can be easily made using paper bags, cardstocks, scissors, glue, and a black marker. easypeasyandfun

5. Homemade Paper Bag Animal Puppets

20 Paper Bag Puppets with Free Printable Templates (6)

Cute little DIY paper bag puppet animals! Who wouldn’t love these? Guess what, the tutorial comes with free templates for the specifics like the ear, nose, etc., Pink for a cute little piggy and a happy brown dog. Check details in the tutorial. 86lemons

6. Paper Bag Lego Man Puppet – Craft for Kids

20 Paper Bag Puppets with Free Printable Templates (7)

Lego man is all hearts for everyone. Making and mending things all the way! With this tutorial, get your kids capable of making their own teeny tiny DIY paper bag Lego man puppet! The tutorial will walk you through the step by step guide. craftymorning

7. Handmade Mermaid Paper Bag Puppet

20 Paper Bag Puppets with Free Printable Templates (8)

Because mermaids are everyone’s awe-worthy weakness. Especially, for kid’s mermaids are these mysterious and majestic creatures that reside under the world of the sea. Let’s bring them to surface with these adoring DIY mermaid paper puppet bags. messylittlemo

8. DIY Paper Bag Mermaid Puppet

20 Paper Bag Puppets with Free Printable Templates (9)

For an uber-cute mermaid-themed birthday party, you can help your kids enjoy a fun mermaid puppet show too! The tutorial comes with free printable template. Head over to the tutorial now to walk through the step by step guide. simplemom

9. Fun DIY Paper Bag Pet Puppets

20 Paper Bag Puppets with Free Printable Templates (10)

Rabbits, cats, and dogs. All the fluffy animal pets that almost everyone loves. Imagine seeing your kids having a fun day with these fluffy pets puppet show? Let’s make it quite possible with this step by step tutorial guide. crayonsandcol

10. Making a Paper Bag Frog Puppet

20 Paper Bag Puppets with Free Printable Templates (11)

A little green paint, two huge googly eyes, and a curbed pink cardboard tongue would just do the magic for making an adorable paper bag frog puppet! Hop it around the lawn and let your kids go crazy playing with it! Hit the tutorial for details. momunleashed

11. Paper Bag Cat in the Hat Puppet

20 Paper Bag Puppets with Free Printable Templates (12)

For a fun oozing reading time with some real-time learning, add this DIY paper bag cat puppet in the reading time. Make “The Cat in the Hat” reading even more exciting with the free printable template in the tutorial. Hit the tutorial now. kidscraftroom

12. Easy DIY Turkey Paper Bag Puppets

20 Paper Bag Puppets with Free Printable Templates (13)

While you are all busy with the meal preparations in the kitchen for the Thanksgivings days, make your kids part of it too. While seeing the exciting Thanksgiving parade, add these funky turkey paper bag puppets to the décor. See details in the tutorial. sewwoodsy

13. DIY Puppy Dog Pals Paper Bag Puppets

20 Paper Bag Puppets with Free Printable Templates (14)

Two is better than one! We are all drool-worthy over these cute puppy dog pals! All you are going to need is a combination of different colors of papers, scissors, googly eyes, hot glue, and a lot of imagination. Hit the tutorial for details. girllovesglam

14. Creative Butterfly Paper Bag Puppet

20 Paper Bag Puppets with Free Printable Templates (15)

Butterflies are perhaps the most favorite bugs of kids since the beginning of time! Just head over to the tutorial to get the free printable template of this funky and vibrant butterfly. You will be needing paper lunch bags and a few other basic craft supplies. buggyandbuddy

15. DIY Paper Bag Animal Puppet

20 Paper Bag Puppets with Free Printable Templates (16)

For the little hands to have loads of fun and drama, try out these funky paper bag puppets. Using paper bags puppets kits by Alex. The box comes with a detailed set of instructions, and the tutorial has a detailed step by step guide. blitsy

16. Goose the Cat Paper Bag Puppet

20 Paper Bag Puppets with Free Printable Templates (17)

Ever since Captain Marvel has entered our lives, so did Goose the cat. Kids totally adore it. Make this cute 3D paper bag puppet of Goose the cat by seeing the details in the tutorial. It is insanely easy and pretty fun craft actually. mamasgeeky

17. Make Your Own Toy Story Paper Bag Puppets

20 Paper Bag Puppets with Free Printable Templates (18)

Did your kids love the toy story movie? Time to get them into a fun activity playing around with these cute and funky toy story puppets with these DIY paper bag puppets bag! Everyone can choose their favorite character and go crazy. athriftymom

18. How to Make Paper Bag Puppet

20 Paper Bag Puppets with Free Printable Templates (19)

Cats have long ruled our hearts and the hearts of our kids! This paper bag puppet made by using a paper bag, construction paper, glue, scissors, plastic eyes, black marker, and pipe cleaners is going to be your little one’s favorite pet toy around the house. acraftyspoon

19. DIY Paper Bag Princess Puppet

20 Paper Bag Puppets with Free Printable Templates (20)

A royal and cute princess paper bag puppet for your little princesses to enjoy! Plus, they get to decorate or dress up their princesses as they please. With embellishments added like beads, rhinestones, jewels, etc. Get details in the tutorial. craftsonsea

20. Captain Hook Paper Bag Pirate Puppet

20 Paper Bag Puppets with Free Printable Templates (21)

Inspired from Peter Pan’s character, Captain Hook, which is enjoyed by kids as he is snapped at by a crocodile is every kid’s fun moment. Let’s bring that imagination to life with this fun Captain Hook DIY paper bag puppet! See details in the tutorial. theinspiratione

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a paper bag puppet?

A paper bag puppet is a craft activity involving the construction of hand puppets from a simple paper bag and other art materials. By manipulating the paper bag, children can create fun characters to use for storytelling or play pretend.

2. What supplies do I need to make a paper bag puppet?

You will need paper bags, craft supplies such as markers and coloured paper, scissors, glue, and other materials to decorate your puppet. Have fun getting creative!

3. What are some tips for making a paper bag puppet?

Gather supplies like paper bags, glue, markers/paint, scissors and craft materials. Cut shapes for eyes, nose and mouth out of the bag or use markers/paint to decorate. Glue items to the bag such as yarn for hair, buttons for eyes and pipe cleaners for arms. Let your imagination run wild!

4. How can you use a paper bag puppet?

Paper bag puppets are a creative and fun way to engage children in storytelling, role-playing activities and more. With just some basic craft supplies such as markers, scissors, pipe cleaners, fabric and yarn you can create your own unique puppet!

5. How do you make a paper bag puppet?

Making a paper bag puppet is easy! Simply cut out facial features from construction paper and glue them to the outside of the paper bag. Add decorations as desired, then insert your hand into the open end of the bag to make it come alive!

6. What are some paper bag puppet ideas?

Some paper bag puppet ideas include animals, cartoon characters, famous people, and objects. You can also create your own original creations! Get creative and have fun!

7. How puppets can be used in education?

Puppets can be used to teach children a variety of topics in an engaging and interactive way. Through puppetry, students are able to visualize concepts and foster creativity, enabling them to acquire knowledge more effectively.

8. What are the benefits of playing with puppets?

Playing with puppets can help to build children’s social, language, and cognitive skills. It also encourages creativity, imagination, and self-expression while providing an enjoyable and meaningful learning experience.

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Whether you’re looking for a fun activity to do with your kids or want an easy puppet show that can be put on without much prep time, paper bag puppets are a great option. And if you need help getting started, we’ve got free printable paper bag puppet templates for 20 amazing characters. So download your favorite PDF template and get crafting! Happy crafting!


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How to make an old woman puppet? ›

Old Lady Hand Puppet
  1. Step 1: Get the Materials. Materials : ...
  2. Step 2: Trace Your Pattern. First you need to decide the proportions of the puppet and also the dimensions of all body parts. ...
  3. Step 3: Cutting the Foam. ...
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  5. Step 5: Form the Legs. ...
  6. Step 6: Glue the Hands. ...
  7. Step 7: Sculpt the Head. ...
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Can you have a puppet made of yourself? ›

Likeness Puppets

Send a photo of person – yourself, a loved one, your favourite celebrity – and our puppet makers can make them into a custom puppet. Our famous lookalike puppets are frequently used on TV and on stage, by comedians, ventriloquists and celebrities.

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Create a custom puppet
  1. Get started. In Character Animator, click the Puppet Maker tile or Make a puppet button on the Home screen or choose File > Open Puppet Maker.
  2. Select a style. ...
  3. Customize your puppet. ...
  4. Randomize. ...
  5. Trigger movements. ...
  6. Preview your puppet's movements. ...
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Jun 21, 2022

How to make a kangaroo puppet? ›

What You do
  1. Make a Paper Cone. Roll the construction paper into a cone shape. Tape to hold. ...
  2. Cut Out Kangaroo. Download and print the kangaroo pattern. ...
  3. Make the Puppet Stick. Tape 3 craft sticks together to make a stick that is about 12″ long. ...
  4. Make Your Kangaroo Bounce. Put the stick inside the cone.

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How do you make an elephant sock puppet? ›

Cut a paper towel in half and twist each piece tightly. Glue the rolled paper towel pieces onto the elephant's face to make tusks. Draw eyes and a mouth on the elephant's face with a marker. Put the sock on your child's hand and push it through the hole in the plate to make the elephant's trunk.

What is the easiest type of puppet to use for a preschooler? ›

Paper bag puppets are light and easy to wear. They decorate easily, and although they are not long-lasting, they are simple and not expensive to make. the DIY paper bag puppet. (This is a great way to encourage your child to use their imagination.

How are spitting image puppets made? ›

How is the puppet constructed? The Spitting Image caricature of Roy Hattersley is a life-size puppet made of a polyurethane foam main structure and painted latex foam for the figurative features, such as the face and the hands.

How to print on paper bags at home? ›

Create the artwork or words you want to print on the bag. Step 2: Tape down the opening and tape the flap of the paper bag to the side with the seam. Put the bag in the printer, opening side first. Step 3: Push print but be sure to change the setting on the printer for extra thick paper.

What is the paper bag method? ›

Follow these precautions when using the bag method: Do not use a plastic bag. Do not breathe continuously into a paper bag. Take 6 to 12 natural breaths, with a paper bag held over your mouth and nose, then remove the bag from your nose and mouth. Do not hold the bag for the person who is hyperventilating.


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