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Performance Management is no trivial affair. Your company’s growth depends on the performance of your employees and you just can’t ignore them.

It is therefore essential to keep your employees engaged and passionate towards their work by managing and assessing all their work, productivity, goals, feedback, issues, and requirements. When that’s the case a performance management software can help you manage employee performance like a walk in the park!

What is a Performance Management Tool?

Performance Management Tools aids businesses to monitor, evaluate, and analyze employee productivity and performance. These tools help you collect reliable data and take measures to keep employees inspired towards their work.

10 Best Performance Management Tools of 2023

The market today offers you a multitude of options when it comes to performance management tools. Now, we know how hard it is to find that perfect performance management solution. Let us help you here.

Well, we obviously can’t pinpoint the exact tool for you unless we know the particular goals of your organization. But we surely can list out a set of the best performance management tools of 2020 to reduce your confusion and lead you towards finding the right software for your business.

  • SurveySparrow
  • Lattice Performance Management
  • BambooHR
  • Glint
  • 15Five
  • Reflektive
  • Culture Amp
  • Qualtrics
  • Spider gap
  • Paylocity
  • Goco

1. SurveySparrow

Surveysparrow with its efficient range of features makes performance management and assessment a cakewalk for you.

Choose from a myriad of options like pulse surveys, employee satisfaction surveys, and 360 feedback surveys, etc. and personalize your surveys to meet your requirements.

The multi-UI platform provides you with both chat-like and conversational experience to make your assessment surveys more engaging and ensures you a response rate that is 40% higher.

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The email reminders, closing the feedback loop approach, multiple share options, click-free dashboard, powerful analytics, seamless integrations, and affordability makes SurveySparrow one of the top-tier performance management tools.

Pricing: Starts at $19 per month.

2. Lattice

Lattice provides one of the most popular performance management tools in the market. The platform serves business giants like Slack, Reddit, and many other eminent clients worldwide.

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Organize your 360 reviews, share continuous feedback, track goals, and conduct employee engagement surveys effortlessly with the help of Lattice performance management platform.

You can also leverage a suite of features like On-going performance tracking, customizable templates, self-appraisals, peer appraisals, one-on-one’s, OKRs, and others. With Slack, Google Apps, HRIS integrations, your workflow becomes a lot smoother. Another desirable characteristic of the mobile-friendly platform is that it is easy on the pocket as well. Indeed, Latice’s performance management tool is worth considering.

Pricing: Starts at $9 per month

3. BambooHR

BambooHR is definitely one among the well-known performance management solutions that is apt for both small and medium businesses. The platform has an eminent clientele that includes Fitbit, Fab, FreshBooks, Klout, Squarespace, and a lot more across the globe.

Manage, track, and organize information throughout the employee lifecycle supported by personalized Human Resources Information System (HRIS). The platform also has solutions for measuring employee satisfaction like their NPS surveys.

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With its excellent suite of features like a candidate tracking system, interview scheduling, a self-service portal, its intuitiveness, insightful reports and self-service time-off provisions for employees make BambooHR one of the best performance management tools.

Pricing: Contact for a quote

4. Glint

Glint is a performance management software that aims to provide innovative and agile solutions to improve employee engagement and thereby develop the organization to reach its goals. The employee engagement software also has an impressive clientele like United, Intuit, and Sky, to its credit.

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The AI-powered performance management system drives performance assessment and employee growth by helping you gather real-time feedback in the form of employee recognition, 360 feedback and pulse survey. Also, the intuitiveness and the quality of support makes the platform a decent choice for a performance management tool.

Pricing: Contact to get a Custom Quote

5. 15Five

With flourishing enterprises like CreditKarma, WPEngine and Hubspot to its clientele list, you just know that 15Five is an employee appraisal software that can’t be snubbed.

The platform seems to be using proven employee development methods backed by positive psychology to help you boost employee performance.

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15Five promotes a continuous employee feedback system to manage performance. You can use OKR’s (objective tracking), one-on-one’s, weekly check-ins, employee recognition, and 360 feedback of the performance management software to drive a better culture at your workplace. The affordability, reliable array of features, and easy workload management of 15Five can make it quite a decent tool for your organization.

Pricing: Starts at $7 per month

6. Reflektive

Serving around 450 clients worldwide, Reflektive is one of the top players of the arena of performance management. The platforms help you increase productivity by procuring real-time feedback, one-on-one’s, check-ins, and reviews.

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This performance management platform helps you conduct 360 feedback, employee recognition, and pulse surveys to facilitate and measure employee sentiments and engagement. Reflektive makes workflow management much easier through its simple intuitive dashboard and seamless integrations.

Truly, if you are looking for a holistic view of your employee appraisals, then Reflektive ought to be your go-to tool.

Pricing: Request to get a custom quote.

7. CultureAmp

You know that the performance management tool, CultureAmp is dead serious about work culture and employee assessment when they claim to be supported by psychologists and data scientists to deliver solutions. HR officials can now take feedback oriented actions to improve productivity and satisfy employee requirements. Apart from deep-dive, pulse surveys, and 360 feedback surveys the platform also offers automated surveys for onboarding and exit processes.

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Develop your team in a continuous manner by conducting employee performance assessment surveys, collecting reviews, and tracking goals with the help of powerful analytics and customizable reports of the employee appraisal software. Well, CultureAmp is easily one of the best performance management tools out there.

Pricing: Request for a quotation

8. Qualtrics

Who wouldn’t have heard about Qualtrics? Most of us are familiar with its customer experience solutions but what many of us don’t know about is Qualtric’s Employee XM which is an employee performance management platform.

With Qualtrics Employee XM, you can collect reliable data about performance assessment with its efficient feedback system. The powerful analytics provides real-time insights helping HRs and managers to act upon and take relevant measures to improve the experience and engagement of employees in order to boost performance.

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With automated reminders, real-time feedback, individualized assessment reports, flexible form builders, etc., the performance management tools of Qualtrics is definitely one of those that can be considered for your organization. But if you are among those who are apprehensive of SAP-Qualtrics merger, then you might want to take a peek at some of the Qualtrics alternatives.

Pricing: Contact for a custom quote

9. Spidergap

Spidergap is a performance management platform that mainly focuses on improving work culture and employee performances through its 360 feedback tools. The cloud-based performance appraisal software helps you customize questionnaires and create customized reports with its intuitive drag and drop interface.

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The powerful analytics, insightful dashboard, progress tracking features, and the provision to select the feedback provider makes Spidergap a great employee appraisal software.

Pricing: Starts with $79 per employee to be assessed.

10. Paylocity

Paylocity is a cloud-based platform that delivers payroll and human capital management (HCM) software to help manage employee performance and culture. With Paylocity, you can make prudent decisions in areas concerning payroll, performance assessment, workforce management, and HR administration in a way that drives engagement.

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The mobile-friendly performance management system exhibits a suite of features like a self-service portal. Wage garnishment, checkpointing, payroll reporting, tax compliance, direct deposits, benefits management, and 4019k) tracking. Use the standard analytical report or create a customized report using Paylocity to manage your workforce.

Pricing: Contact and get a custom quote

11. GoCo

GoCo offers all-in-one employee management to help support your HR department. From hiring to onboarding and everything else, there is a dashboard and centralized database of information from which to control and execute an amazing employee experience.

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Particularly helpful is GoCo’s performance management capabilities. GoCo allows you to run comprehensive and effective performance reviews that improve motivation and engagement, right from inside the employee management system.

One of the major challenges of creating and implementing a performance review process is that it can be hard to develop something that engages employees. With GoCo, you get open communication that is available all year round, linking employees with both HR and their coworkers to create a motivation network that boosts performance all year round.

Winding Up

A proper healthy work environment will encourage employees to give their finest performance for your organization and walk it to the path of success. You need to ensure such a culture in your organization and manage employee performance. Choosing the right performance management tool can help you in knowing what your employees think about your company, their opinion about the work, their requirements, goals, and even in recognizing the employee’s strengths and weaknesses. And when you leverage this data you will be able to take effective measures to achieve your organizational goals.

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